Wether you are looking to gain branding exposure, test out an API, or support a local entrepreneurial community, Startup Weekend gives companies firsthand discovery, experience and interaction with a unique group of the world’s most passionate entrepreneurs, makers, and do-ers.

Sponsor a local event

Startup Weekend events have an incredible impact on participants and the local community. We provide to sponsors a great visibility and the opportunity to help our participants move along their journey as entrepreneurs.

Look for an edition happening near you and contact the local team to receive the different sponsoring tiers.

Get visibility in Greater China

Since 2010 and our first edition in Beijing, we have grown into a movement of passionate entrepreneurs helping more people!

Our objective for 2017 is to help 4,500 entrepreneurs in Greater China with editions in 15+ cities. For companies interested in partnering with us at a National level, we provide a unique visibility and great insights on the communities we work with. To know more, contact us at.

Organise a corporate edition

If you’ve had the chance to attend a Startup Weekend, you know how powerful the experience is for the participants and the local community. Nowadays, more corporations reach out to us interested in hosting an edition internally.

As a team building experience or a way to foster corporate innovation, Startup Weekend is a great and cost effective way to encourage experiential learning and start the discussion around innovation. Kindly contact us to know more.